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Formal Education:

B.Sc., Applied Physics (Solid-State & experimental), U. of Sherbrooke, (1984-1989)


Here is a list of a few things I’ve been working or toying with in the last thirty years


Writing, Public Relations, Evaluation

  • Technical evaluation and writing  for the federal SR&ED tax credit program
  • Technical Writing & Translation work
  • Technical adviser for public relation campaign

Design & Prototyping

  • Electro-mechanical consumer product development
  • Mechanical design of a Prototype Electrical Linear Motor
  • Mechanical design of micro-electronic components.
  • Portable dental equipment
  • Truck air-actuated disk brakes
  • CNC solar photometer telescope (aureolemeter)
  • Hi-vacuumUV photometer for a nuclear fusion reactor
  • Farm Windmill design and fabrication
  • Instrumentation design
  • Technical adviser


Business / Business development

  • Venture capital seeking, assisting with various company startups.
  • Laboratory Centrifuge Refurbishing.
  • Photographer (event, studio, digital & wet lab) & Image Production.
  • Website development and marketing
  • Industrial machinery brokering
  • Importer, retail and corporate sales and manufacturing agent
  • Plastic film sales rep and machinery operator

General Maintenance

  • Medical X-Ray equipment serviceman
  • Automotive maintenance
  • home renovations


Other Courses

  • Nautical courses with the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons
    • Boating
    •  Seamanship
    • Advanced Piloting
    • Junior Navigator (Celestial Navigation)
    • marine VHF certificate
    • Fundamentals of Weather & Global weather
  • Select classes in Aeronautical Engineering (in French)
    • Caractéristiques de l’Avion
    • Aérodynamique
    • Matériaux en Aéronautique
    • Asservissement
  • RF modulation techniques, electrical engineering dept, U. of Sherbrooke

  • Photography
    • studio and portrait
    • events
    • B&W lab
    • Color lab

Other technical skills, knowledges, hobbies and personal interests.

  • General maintenance and troubleshooting (mechanical and electrical)
  • fabrication ( machining, welding)
  • carpentry, renovation and building trades skills, including concrete, stone laying, wiring, plumbing.
  • plastic injection molding mold design
  • 3D CAD and CAM
  • Basic analog and digital electronic circuit design and troubleshooting
  • inorganic chemistry, mercury and other toxic metallic waste reprocessing technologies and environmental regulation
  • electrochemistry & metal finishing
  • vehicle safety and braking & related government standards (FMVSS)
  • applied cryptography, data security
  • small business accounting
  • cinematography and video
  • optics
  • gold and precious metal chemistry, refining and reclaiming
  • metal detector operation (prospecting and other)
  • solar energy (swimming pool heating, home-made solar collectors)
  • experimental aviation (construction and maintenance, ex-Program Director of E.A.A. chap. 266, Montreal )
  • Nautical science and boats
  • Archery, firearms (shooting and reloading), fishing and hunting
  • dancing (East/West Coast salsa)

Health interests:

  • Fitness in the context of Evolutionary Biology
    • High intensity exercice / CrossFit
    • ‘Paleo’-style dieting and evolutionary approach to nutrition
    • weight loss and muscle mass rebuilding
    • the concept of metabolism as an adaptive system
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